Friday, January 15, 2010

No Worries!

I'm about to sing Mouthwash by Kate Nash.

I stayed up late until 4.30am this morning. Thanks to rejected proposal for my FYP. And when the times came for me to propose the new title, I figured out that my supervisor is not around today. And she'll be come back in... Thursday next week? WOW! What a productive day for today!

Luckily this morning class, the lecturer decided to make a review on a movie. The Core if you ever heard, the movie is about the magnetic field loss due to the failure function of earth's core bla..bla..bla... And the afternoon class is canceled :) Nothing is more exciting than a shopping spree, a thriller movie *huh?*, a smooth vacation and a canceled class :))

This week, I'm too worried with the SamsungCorby invitation. It's a prove. That I'm not really an independent girl... that I'm still afraid of going somewhere alone... and still afraid of meeting strangers.. even for good purposes! Hah! How I'm going to practice a happy life when the day comes and I have to start a new journey of my life? New places, strangers, and.... chopp! Maybe that's why I got the invitation?.. I'll get a new phone and make a new friends and then call everyone, anytime, anywhere in case I was lost myself in the new place! It's make a sense, kan??

Go girl! Don't surrender before it's begin~ it's a shame laaaaa!!

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