Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Color Me Corby

>>This entry is regarding to the Samsung Corby Carnival with Nuffnang

When I was 13, it was compulsory for everyone in the school to wear a formal attire or known as baju rasmi. We called it The Orange Kurung. Everytime there were any formal occasion such birthday party *party?*, appreciation ceremony, VIP's trip, theater at Istana Budaya, or even invitation to watch an opera performance in KLCC we must, err… no; we have to wear that well known Orange Kurung. During that time, unnoticeable; most of us hate any attire in orange color. As we walk out from the school gate, people around KL will recognized us as the-girls-with-orange-kurung T____T.

There are also taboos. If we are wearing that Orange Kurung, we have need to behave properly. Don't talk too much. Don't laugh to loud. Don't do this; don't do that. It was like The Orange Kurung is a holy costume because it will reflect the image of our school.

Until I was 17.

The school administration decided to change The Orange Kurung to something new. Something they thought more fresh, sweet, and lovely outfit. So that year all form one until form four students was wearing purple. Except for us, the senior girls. Somehow, that year orange kurung become so tarnish but full of memories. The Orange Kurung taught us how to walk like a princess, eat like a princess, smile like a princess, even talk like a real princess.

Today, nobody hates orange color anymore. We proud everytime we see an old picture shown the girls with The Orange Kurung.

Perhaps Corby able to color my days into orange, once more?

-Girls with orange kurung-

:: I'm second from left :) ::

-still wearing orange kurung, even it's not the same-

:: I'm the bottom one :P ::

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