Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Wish For A Blackberry Storm 2 9520

I'm sure most of you have heard about the latest gadget in town.

Blackberry Storm 2 9520.

After read some of reviews about this phone, I can guess how much the price would be. Good technology came with deserved price. But for some people, it is not the matter of price, but how convincing the phone in able to help us in our hectic day. But then I noticed this ads;

See... good technology came with discount too! I never heard people give discount to a phone up to 50%. But somehow I'm glad to find out it was Celcom! ^o^ *why? got someone special in Celcom???* Eventhough I was not able to be there, I am happy for them who bought this phone at RM888 only!!!

I might lost the opportunity, but God knew me better. When Nuffnang asked me,

why you want to own a BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520...

I cepat-cepat answer;

I'll be graduated in July so I need this phone to be featured in my convocation pictures!

I found out this phone build in with Wi-Fi so I didn't have to bring my heavy lappy.

I can check my e-mail, Facebook and Twitter account anytime I want :)

With innovative SurePress ‘floating’ touch screen, it was super coooool!!!

I'm sure will not get lost somewhere in the middle of town anymore...

And most of all, I want this phone so I can tell the whole world that I get this from Nuffnang contest - again, and they start adoring Nuffnang, and join all the contest with full of support, so Nuffnang will be merrier and happier this year!

But then Celcom asked me,

why Celcom would be the best Storm-tastic place to get a BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520...

Without hesitate I kipas-kipas and said;

I like all the promotions made my Celcom.
Right now I'm using--


1. sms Celcom to Celcom at rm0.01, and rm0.06 to other providers.
2. phone call at rm0.15/min

3. two sms for rm 0.01 and rm0.10/min for 8 uPax numbers!!

4. expired on my 26th birthday!

and Celcom Youth Broadband Plan

With great offers for Blackberry users as low as RM1.00/day, this is what we call
"the world is in your hands"

So, do you think I play-play?

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