Saturday, May 15, 2010

Graduation Make Up :)

This few days I spent my free times watching make up tutorial in Youtube :P And I came across this girl named Michelle Phan :) Her tutorials really helped. And attractive too! Since her Lady Gaga Poker Face Tutorial reached 16, 000, 000 ++, *WOW!* I google her name and found out that she's now the spokewomen for Lancome :O

So, for the coming graduation day, I present you the make up tutorial made by Michelle :D Girls, practice now!!!

By the way, I love make up ;)
Happy Graduating!


amar haziq said...

teringat cerita tahun lepas
kena make-up untuk projek runway remaja

jemput datang ke blog saya ea

Lea Lyanna said...

amar: sekarang tak kira laki/perempuan kena pandai make up :) mostly make up artists are guys,kan? ;)